Terms of Service


All vehicles using the parking garage must be pre-registered. Upon completion, a parking pass with bar code will be emailed to the customer in the form of a PDF. The guest may print a paper copy or may scan directly from a smart phone screen at the lane devices located at the entrance of the parking garage.

Access to the parking garage will only be allowed between the start date and time to the end date and time of your parking permit. Additional charges may apply if you exceed the allowed parking time of your permit and/or your vehicle may be towed at your expense.

Please be aware that the parking garage is open to the public. The Resort cannot guarantee that members of the public will not enter the garage and cause damage to property and/or engage in criminal activity. Accordingly, you park your vehicle in the garage at your own risk. The Resort is not responsible for theft, vandalism, or any form of damage to vehicles incurred on the premises.

It is important for the effective management of the garage that you park within the limits of the marked space. Do not park within a space designated for a specific purpose when you are not entitled to such as a handicap or reserved spaces. Designated handicap parking spaces are for the exclusive use of vehicles displaying proper handicap hangtags or disabled license plates.

The parking area on the south side directly under Tower I and Tower II is reserved for those owners who have purchased a parking space. This parking area is managed separately from the parking garage. Pre-registration is not required. Access is granted by punching in a 4-digit code which should be provided to you by your rental agent.

The clearance height for the main entrance to the parking garage is 6’10”. The clearance height leading from the first level ramp to the second level and above is 6’7”.

No parking space is to be used for ANY activity other than parking your vehicle. No loitering, camping, or using as a work area. All vehicles must be in running condition and have current license plates.

No skateboarding, hoverboarding, rollerblading, bicycles, mopeds or electric carts are allowed in the parking garage. Bicycles must use the designated areas for parking.

The driveway under the walkover in front of Tower I and II is strictly limited to 15 minutes; this area should not be used as a loading/unloading area.

Boats, trailers of any sort, recreational/camper-type vehicles, personal watercraft and any commercial vehicles are NOT ALLOWED, unless there is prior approval granted by Resort Management.

Cancellations are permitted prior to your arrival. We will refund the purchase price and a credit will automatically be applied to the original method of payment. To follow-up on the status of your return, please contact us at 850-636-5004


Contact Calypso Towers Resort Community Association, Inc. during normal business hours of 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM CST at (850)636-5004 or email calypsoownersassociation@yahoo.com